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Buy a Tourist Day Ticket to travel around South Holland by bus, tram, metro or waterbus for a fixed price for a whole day. The province is simply teeming with exciting attractions and cities, which can make the experience a bit overwhelming. To make the most of your Tourist Day Ticket, we have put together several inspiring routes for you. This balanced route is your ticket to a fun-packed day with a wide range of very different activities!

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Frolicking in Avifauna

Birds, birds and more birds. In Avifauna, bird lovers can have a great time. During a visit to the bird park you can, among other things, visit a bird demonstration where the birds can get very close to you. The feeding sessions are also highly recommended. During the animals’ feeding time, the attendant tells fun facts about the animals. Besides birds, you can spot many other animals in Avifauna. For example, there are ring-tailed lemurs, red pandas and turtles. For a snack and a drink you can visit the park’s various restaurants. Play fun for children is also present. In the outdoor playground, there is a bouncy castle, several slides, excavators and you can go for a boat ride.

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Spotting the biggest animals in Blijdorp

Rotterdam is home to one of the most fun zoos in the Netherlands, Blijdorp Zoo. This city zoo was founded in 1855 and is a fun outing for the whole family. You can feast your eyes. There are snakes, monkeys, birds, lions and many more animal species living in this zoo. In Blijdorp Zoo you will find it all. The zoo is divided into different continents that you can discover one by one. One of the special attractions of Blijdorp, is the Oceanium. Discover the mysterious underwater world and walk through the different corridors past the most beautiful fish and other sea creatures. The zoo’s bird flight is also a must-see. During this show, different birds fly right above your head.

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Zoo Blijdorp Rotterdam

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Feast your eyes at Avonturia the Bird Cellar.

Avonturia de Vogelkelder is the largest pet store in the Netherlands. Fortunately, in the Vogelkelder you will not only find birds. The store is divided into different animal worlds. You can spot quite a few animals, such as snakes, frogs, fish and turtles. In addition, you can buy all sorts of things for your (special) pet in the store. In Mappa Mundia, children can go wild. Here you can explore, and fantasy and reality come together. Discover the cave system of the bird cellar, the penguin academy or dive into history with various archaeological excavations. You can have a bite to eat in Avonturia’s Kitchen. Here you will find the tastiest dishes from all over the world.

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Avonturia de Vogelkelder
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Convenient tourist day ticket
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