Outdoor fun for families

Got a family trip in mind? We put a beautiful route together. Visit the old windmills, the diverse animals in the zoo of Rotterdam and complete your trip with a delicious dinner in Hotel New York.

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Arts and culture tour

The province of Zuid-Holland is brimming with culture and excellent art museums. This tour will take you through excellent museums and Dutch heritage sites in The Hague, Rotterdam and Gouda.

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Enrich your business trip

Even on a business trip there should be time for leisure to cement relationships or as a break from negotiations. This trip takes you past several significant and picturesque sights.

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Recommended day trips in South Holland


The province of South Holland is brimming with activities, attractions and sights for you to explore and we understand that this can be a bit overwhelming. To help you on your way we compiled numerous themed day trips in our lovely province that make excellent use of the Tourist Day Ticket. Whether you are looking for a family-friendly route with sufficient activities for your children or a sophisticated tour full of arts and culture, we have got you covered! Using the overview below you can find the day trip that is most suitable for you. Enjoy your stay!


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