How does it work?

Where do you want to go? Various OV – day tickets are available, each for a different region and/or transport operator in South Holland. At the bottom of this page you will find further information about the different regions and the related OV - tickets. But you may of course also buy a Tourist Day Ticket that allows you to travel throughout all of South Holland. These sell from € 15.50 and represent one of the lowest-cost options if you plan to visit different sites.

Where can you use them?

The tickets are valid for all types of transport stated in the region of your choice. You may for instance travel in Rotterdam using the RET buses, metro and trams and in Zeeland with the buses of Connexxion.

An overview of all transport operators we work with: RET, HTM, HTMbuzz, Arriva, Connexxion, EBS, QBuzz and Waterbus in South Holland.

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Checking in and out

All day tickets are valid for the whole day, from the first check-in to the last trip on the timetable. However, you must check in and out for each means of transport by holding your ticket up to the card reader.

Step 1

Check in by holding your ticket up to the card reader.

Step 2

Take a seat and enjoy your journey.

Step 3

Check out by once again holding your ticket up to the card reader.



Tourist Day Ticket

Alphen aan den Rijn, Delft, Den Haag, Dordrecht, Drechtsteden, Gouda/Lisse, Leiden, Op Voorne Putten, Rotterdam, Zeeland, Zoetermeer

Only €15,50

Get your tickets

RET day ticket

Only €9,50

Get your tickets

HTM day ticket

Only €8,00

Get your tickets

Connexion day ticket

From €2,05

Get your tickets


From €1,08

Get your tickets

EBS Region Travel Ticket

Only €5,78

Get your tickets

Qbuzz day ticket

From €2,50

Get your tickets

Waterbus day ticket

From €11,20

Get your tickets

Ticket points of sale

Tickets can be purchased at the service points of the transport companies, at vending machines, at various hotels and tourist information points and at a number of carriers on the vehicles.
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