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Qbuzz day ticket

  • Easy to use; carefree travel with public transport in the Drechtsteden region.
  • Unlimited travel with Qbuzz buses.
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How does it work?

Enjoy nature by walking or boating in De Biesbosch National Park or admire a stunning example of Dutch water management in Kinderdijk: the Drechtsteden region (incl. Dordrecht) has a lot to offer. Fortunately, many spots can be accessed using public transport. Travel fast and easy using public transport in this region with a Qbuzz day ticket.

This allows you to transfer the whole day without limit between Qbuzz buses, so that you arrive at your destination without fuss (and get back to your hotel). Travelling to other cities or zones? Then the Tourist Day Ticket at € 15.50 is probably cheaper.

Where to use?

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