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With a Tourist Day Ticket, you enjoy unlimited travel by bus, tram, metro and waterbus throughout the Dutch province of South Holland for a fixed price for a whole day. This province is filled to the brim with exciting sights, cities and attractions, so this might be a bit overwhelming. To ensure you get the maximum value out of your Tourist Day Ticket, we composed some inspirational routes. On this route, you’ll find some of the most atmospheric locations to go on a nice walk!

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Stroll through Brielle

Brielle is a small town southwest of Rotterdam, that is well-known for its historical fortifications and monumental and atmospheric town centre. The town played a pivotal role in Dutch history, as it was one of the first towns to be captured (1572) by the rebels during the Dutch struggle for independence. The town’s imposing fortifications have not been altered since the early 1700s, making Brielle one of the best-preserved fortress towns in the Netherlands. Brielle is highly picturesque and therefore very suitable for a lovely morning stroll if you are in the area.

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Explore the Binnenhof

At the Binnenhof (which translates to ‘Inner Court’) and the Ridderzaal (‘Knights’ hall’), you will find the Dutch Houses of Parliament. Other than seeing Dutch politicians cycle past, you can admire the beautiful historic buildings and go on a tour through this important complex. Especially the ‘Eerste Kamer’ (Senate hall) and the Ridderzaal (13th-century ceremonial hall) are well worth seeing from the inside. Are you a fan of the curious mix between old and new architecture? The surrounding area of The Hague is worth seeing as well, making for an exciting city walk full of culturally and politically significant sights.

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Enjoy Scheveningen

You will find the Scheveningen beach, the most popular stretch of sand in Holland, between The Hague and the sea. It is a great place for walking, sunning and swimming, as well as surfing, visiting events and enjoying great food. In short, it represents pure pleasure throughout the year! Take a walk past the flood line, stroll across the boulevard or take a look on the iconic pier. The beach at Scheveningen is an excellent spot to unwind after a busy day or have some dinner with a view of the sea.

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Follow the Atmospheric Walks route with the Tourist Day Ticket
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Follow the Atmospheric Walks route with the Tourist Day Ticket
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