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With a Tourist Day Ticket, you enjoy unlimited travel by bus, tram, metro and waterbus throughout the Dutch province of South Holland for a fixed price for a whole day. This province is filled to the brim with exciting sights, cities and attractions, so this might be a bit overwhelming. To ensure you get the maximum value out of your Tourist Day Ticket, we composed some inspirational routes. This route will take you past some stunning nature, allows you to taste some marine delicacies and shows you some Dutch maritime history!

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Nature in the Biesbosch

The Biesbosch is one of the largest national parks of the Netherlands and also one of the last extensive areas of freshwater tidal wetlands in Northwestern Europe. The park mostly consists of willow forests with a large network of rivers and smaller creeks. This landscape is virtually unique and contains a lot of wildlife. At the Biesbosch Visitor Centre, you can find all the information you need for your adventure in the Biesbosch. Discover the most beautiful spots and the many possibilities of the Biesbosch via hiking trips, cycling routes, per boat or with canoes. It is a lovely place to spend a morning!

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Visit the Biesbosch visitor centre with the Tourist Day Ticket

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Admire the Markthal

Situated in the centre of Rotterdam, the Markthal stands out as one of the city’s most remarkable buildings. That is an impressive feat, given Rotterdam’s reputation for unique architecture. Although the outside is stunning enough in itself, you will only find the true gems of this indoor market when you go inside. You will find yourself surrounded by stalls and boutique restaurants serving international foods and Dutch delicacies, while your nose will probably have difficulty to keep up with all the exciting smells that drift past. The Markthal is an excellent place for having lunch, but also highly suitable for a bit of browsing and trying out new foods.

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Taste history at the SS Rotterdam

In the evening, you can hop on board of the SS Rotterdam and get ready for adventure! Discover the history, facts and figures and amazing stories of ‘La Grande Dame’. The ship has been collecting stories since 1958 and you can discover them for yourself. The SS Rotterdam is an old, charming steamship that served on the transatlantic route from Rotterdam to New York and as a luxury cruise ship sailing around the world. Nowadays, it is docked at Katendrecht and serves as a hotel, event centre and museum. You can go for a nice dinner or just admire the ship’s majesty, but a visit to the SS Rotterdam will never feel boring.

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Enjoy the Water tour
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