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Buy a Tourist Day Ticket to travel around South Holland by bus, tram, metro or waterbus for a fixed price for a whole day. The province is simply teeming with exciting attractions and cities, which can make the experience a bit overwhelming. To make the most of your Tourist Day Ticket, we have put together several inspiring routes for you. This balanced route is your ticket to a fun-packed day with a wide range of very different activities!

Good morning

Petting goats at children's farm De Mèkkerstee

Good morning among the goats! At children’s farm De Mèkkerstee you can enjoy yourself for hours among the little goats. About 650 goats live on the organic goat farm. There is plenty to enjoy. You can watch the milking of the goats, there is a special nursery with young lambs and for the children there is a corner where you can cuddle the goats. There are also other animals to admire at Farm de Mèkkerstee, such as chickens, horses, guinea pigs and pigs. Kids can have fun in the playground and during the summer, play on the bouncy castle. Feeling hungry? Then you can visit the pancake restaurant. Before leaving, don’t forget to stop by the country store to buy farm and local produce!

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Good afternoon

Ravaging in Plaswijckpark Rotterdam

The best indoor and outdoor playground in South Holland is Plaswijckpark Rotterdam. There is plenty to do here for hours of fun. The park is divided into several districts. In the Speelwijck children can romp with go-karts, pedal boats or in the water playground. Is the weather bad? Then you can visit the indoor playground. You can spot animals in Dierenwijck. This is the home of deer, sheep, owls and monkeys, among others. Relax in Wandelwijck. There is a large picnic meadow where you can lie on the grass and picnic. You can also take a walk through the Rosarium or the English garden.

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Good night

Hit a ball at Glowgolf Schiedam.

Go for a game of Glowgolf in Schiedam in the evening. Glowgolf is a fun outing for young and old. The golf course is themed World of Fantasy. The decor has various neon elements that create a unique atmosphere. During the mini-golf you will encounter flying dragons, strange creatures and different fantasy figures. The golf course is challenging and has different obstacles. We definitely recommend putting on white or fluorescent clothing. This has a fun effect on the course. Please note that children under the age of 12 are only allowed to play on the course under supervision.

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Modern and graphic art route Tourist Day Ticket
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