Travel around South Holland

In the Netherlands, traveling by public transport is an easy and fun way to explore the various tourist destinations. But as you will notice, the costs of public transport can take up quite a big part of your travel budget, specially when you want to visit a lot of different places. Luckily there is the Tourist Day Ticket, which offers you unlimited access to public transport in the South Holland Rotterdam and The Hague region. For only €14,50, you can use the trams, buses, ferries and metro to travel around South Holland and visit all the must-see tourist attraction that are located in this beautiful and vibrant province

For example, you can use the Tourist Day Ticket to visit the historic city Delft. Delft is known for its beautiful canal-lined streets, remarkable architecture and hand-painted blue-and-white pottery (Delft Blue). Using the excellent public transport, you do not only get to see but also really experience what Delft is about. You can also visit cities such as Rotterdam, Leiden or The Hague. When you travel around South Holland with the Tourist Day Ticket, you will save a lot of money, as it usually costs more to buy separate tickets throughout the day.

So get your Tourist Day Ticket for only €14,50 at one of the numerous tourist information organizations or at one of the affiliated public transport operators, and discover the beauty of Delft and other cities in the South Holland Rotterdam and The Hague region with your own eyes!

If you are travelling within one specific zone, the best option is to buy a day ticket from the transport operator concerned. But if you travel on the same day in different zones within the South Holland region, we recommend the Tourist Day Ticket. 

Travel around South Holland
eur 14 50


  • Easy to use: travel around South Holland, Rotterdam and The Hague region carelessly.
  • Unlimited travelling with buses, trams, metros and ferries from these operators:

Available where?

The Tourist Day Ticket is for sale at the operators' service points and at participating hotels and tourist information associations.

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Which operators can I travel around South Holland with?

The Tourist Day Ticket is valid when travelling with the RET, HTM, HTMBuzz, Arriva, Connexxion and Waterbus in the entire province of Zuid-Holland. The Tourist Day Ticket is not valid when traveling with train, Fast Ferry, Driehoeksveer, buurtbus, night buses and on bus lines 195 and 295. With the participating operators, you can easily travel around South Holland.

  • Travel around South-Holland
  • Travel around South-Holland
  • Travel around South-Holland
  • Travel around South-Holland

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