Public transport ticket Randstad

eur 14 50
  • Quick, easy and all-in-one: the best public transport ticket Randstad, Rotterdam en Den Hague regio available
  • Fast delivery at home or at your hotel, so you can use it in an instant
  • Unlimited travel in all buses, trams, metros and ferries operated by the following public transporters: Arriva, Connexxion, HTM, HTMbuzz, RET and Waterbus.
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Public transport in the Netherlands is quite effective and can get you nearly everywhere. However, if you are using it an entire day it can get rather expensive. Also, since several companies are active in the Dutch public transport system, buying the right tickets can be a hassle. The Tourist Day Ticket solves these problems for you, as it is valid with all transporters and has a fixed price.

This makes the Tourist Day Ticket the ideal public transport ticket Randstad. At its fixed price of €14,50 it is easily affordable, while still enabling you to travel freely for an entire day. You can order your Tourist Day Ticket online or buy it in store at numerous vendors. The Tourist Day Ticket is also very easy in use, only requiring you to check in and out while entering and exiting the vehicles.

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Where to use?

The Tourist Day Ticket is valid with the following carriers in the Randstad, Rotterdam & Delft region: Arriva, Connexxion, HTM,
HTMbuzz, RET and Waterbus. The Tourist Day Ticket is not valid on
trains, Fast Ferry, Driehoeksveer Ferry, (small) neighborhood buses, night
buses, public transport taxis, or on buses 195 and 295.

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  • Public transport ticket Randstad
  • Public transport ticket Randstad
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